Annual Lesbian Gathering 2014

mercredi 14 mai 2014
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The annual lesbian meeting of the CLF (coordinating lesbian body in France) was really successful. From all over France, more than 100 participants gathered to the south (apart from Northern France - what a pity !). Anyway, it was more than expected.

Decisions and new projects

  • Next annual lesbian gathering in 2015 will take place in the middle of France : aerea of Clermont Ferrand.
  • New workshops :
    • On far-right movements and extremism : starting a think tank on this matter, to deepen our understanding of this issue, get to know other groups with similar aims and also take actions.
    • On Lesbian Antispecists. This group is going to organize an only lesbian week- end in summer to further their work.

Orientation of the actual workshops

  • Individual rights / unconditional basic income. There is a huge amount of literature on that topic to study carefully. The group will go on meeting feminists groups to share the issues and knowledge on that matter from a lesbian and feminist point of view.
  • The Lesbian International network : Every Lesbian Organization of our French network will get and keep in touch with a Lesbian organization in the world. The main lesbian events around Europe, and further than Europe, have to be identified so that we will try to set up a delegation to take part to one of them.

Thank you to all of the participants

Thanks to those who led a leisure or outdoor sport program (concert, Qi cong, Yoga, clown, visual art), those who run a whorkshop (activism and practices, support and solidarity with lesbian asylum seekers, individual rights, lesbianism and antispecism, ) and, of course thanks to the DJ of the Saturday party.

Special acknowledgement to the lesbian organization CEL in Marseille in charge of organizing this annual gathering

We also noticed with great pleasure the variety of the attendees belonging to the following lesbian organizations : CEL (Marseille), Caram’elles (Nice), ELEA (Avignon), Voies d’Elles (Grenoble), anarcha-feminists (Grenoble), Bagdam Lesbian Space (Toulouse), Lesbianism and Solidarity (Clermont Ferrand), Repaire de Jubilation – Jubilation Haven (Romans), La Lune - The Moon (Strasbourg), FiEres- Proud (Paris), Cibel (Paris), Lesbians beyond borders (Paris), CQFD Lesbian Pride (Montreuil), the team of the lesbian coordinating body in France (CLF) and also lesbians not involved in any group.

Don’t forget that the collective « Lesbian beyond Boarders » needs financial support and volunteers (Contact :

Keep in touch :

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